Lenzerheide- 5th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Lenzerheide- 5th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

The MS Mondraker Team did a double podium with Danny Hart and Laurie Greenland with 3rd and 4th place in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland. This is the first Elite podium for youngster Laurie Greenland and the second podium in 2017 for double world champion Danny Hart.

Lenzerheide/ Switzerland hosted the 5th round of the 2017 UCI MTB world cup. We came here with good memories as in 2016 this was the place of Danny’s first ever world cup victory and we were super excited to race here again.

Lenzer Practice-640

As usual we had good and very warm weather in Lenzerheide. The track was very dusty which in combination with a hard track surface and rocks made the track very slippery. The track itself didn’t change a lot from the year before apart from a new finish jump and a few little things- in total the track was again a warrantor for tight and exciting racing.

We started into the week with some little issues concerning our setup, but with the help of the race support of our sponsors we get everything sorted. Danny crashed once on Friday where he ripped open his hand palm and Laurie crashed twice in practice, but without any injuries.

Lenzer Practice-460

Danny had a good qualification run, which took him into 6th place. Laurie went into his qualification run without the normal warm up procedure. He suffered from a crash in the morning and just wanted to cruise down the track as he was protected anyway. This cruising run put him into 13th place, which was pretty promising for the race. Markus Pekoll struggled in his qualification and had some mistakes in his run- he ended up in 36th position.

Lenzer Qualie-348

A thunderstorm during the nighttime packed the course a little bit. The track was still slippery, but not as in the days before. Markus Pekoll was the first rider of the MS Mondraker team. Already the first split time was a sign for that he wasn’t on a good run. There were no obvious big mistakes, but it wasn’t a good run in general and he crossed the finish line in 20th position and end up in 52nd.

Lenzer Qualie-830Laurie Greenland was next and he came down in his typical manner. He was on a wild run and he was the first who was able to undercut the 3 minute mark. Laurie jumped into the hotseat and even there were a few more riders to come it looked good for him to enter the top five. Last Man to come down was Danny. Like in Andorra on the weekend before Danny was again on a “flying” run. Not wild but very precise and fast he made it into the finish without big mistakes and finished 3rd in the end.

Lenzer Finals-1232


The double podium of Laurie and Danny put us into the 2nd place of the today’s team ranking and we made up 2 positions to rank 4 into the overall ranking.

Lenzer Finals-1847

We are super happy with this results and now we are going into a well-deserved 3 week world cup break and will be back in Mont Saint Anne/ Canada for the 6th round of the 2017 UCI MTB worldcup.

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Riders statements:

Markus: ”I am shocked. I thought I was on a good run. I was just 71st in the first split time and I have no explanation for this. I feel a bit tired after 6 weeks of racing and I am happy to have some time to refresh- hopefully I can come back for the last 3 races of the season.”

Laurie: “I can’t be more happy. First Elite podium… I am stoked! The week didn’t start too good for me as I was struggling a bit with my setup. I crashed twice in practice and I just cruised down in my qualification run. It seems like I am able to work my way up…”

Danny: “well… another podium result which is good. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to repeat my victory from 2016. I struggled a bit. It was slipper all week long and I crashed once, where I ripped open my hand palm- that’s far from being optimal… but it’s good to be back on the podium!


full results:

Vallnord/ Andorra-  4th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Vallnord/ Andorra- 4th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

The 4th round of the 2017 UCI world cup in Vallnord/ Andorra was a race with mixed feelings for us… while Markus and Laurie were unlucky and crashed in their race runs Danny was back on the world cup podium with a hell of a run…

Coming to the place of our biggest success in 2016 was exciting. In 2016 Danny won his 3rd race in a row and with both Markus and Laurie in the top 10 we were able to win the team overall world cup by 1 point.

Vallnord Practice-1342

All the riders love the track of Vallnord as it has a little bit of everything: technical parts, very fast sections and it has a lot of natural elements- this mixtures is what riders want to see and don’t complain about. The track is pretty steep in some sections and rough and for sure it separates the wheat from the chaff.
From the very beginning of the training sessions the MS Mondraker squad showed that the rest of the fiield has to count with them. Laurie’s showed up with top split times in the trainings, Markus looked very confident and fast and Danny set the first best time 0,3 ahead of future winner Troy Brosnan.

Vallnord Practice-1109

The qualification didn’t go as good as we expected after the performance on the first day. Markus and Laurie had some bad luck and crashed in their qualifications runs. Markus ended up in 51st position, but Laurie finished in 18th spot even he had a big spill. Danny needed a solid run to qualify- nothing crazy or pushing to hard as he had to see the finish to qualify for the race. He ended up in 6thposition and was able to collect some points for his overall ranking.
Markus and Laurie knew that they were missing some seconds to be in the very top and both were working hard with our line checker to find the one or other second.

Vallnord Practice-745

Markus was the first to come down and was about 2,5 seconds ahead of the current leader Johannes Fischbach till the second last corner before the finish, where Markus slipped out and crashed again. Being on a good run, with being 2,5 seconds ahead of the current leader could have taken him into the top 30. Unfortunately the crash cost him several places and so he end up in 49th place.

Next of the MS Mondraker squad was Laurie. He came into the first split with the overall 9th fastest split time, but also he slipped out and crashed before the second split time. Unfortunately this spill buried his hopes for another top ten result- Laurie finished in 43rd position.


Danny was the 6th last man to come down and immediately show up with top split times with being more than 6 seconds ahead of the current leader Mark Wallace. Danny was on a hell of a ride. He knew he had to push to be on the podium and he did- Danny ended up in 3rdposition.

The results of this race turned the positions in the overall ranking quite a bit. While Danny moved from 25th into 10th place, Laurie lost 2 positions and is now in 11th and Markus dropped into 31st position.

Vallnord Qual 425
The racing was tight and we saw a lot of crashes, but this made this race so special and exciting. It was a fair race without any lottery sections and we saw a hard earned winner!

Next stop is the 5th round of the 2017 UCI MTB world cup in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland upcoming week – join us there or follow us on instagram profile or our facebook page.

Leogang- 3rd round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Leogang- 3rd round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Back to back racing- with just a few days in between and coming from more than 2000 km away, we race the 3rd round of the 2017 uci mtb worldcup this weekend in Leogang/ Austria. With the feedback of 2016 the organizer gave the track a small overhaul, which was again polarizing the riders field.

We looked forward to this race as we did not perform on the level we have been used to from 2016 and we were willing to step back up. Leogang is the perfect spot to do so as we always saw tight and fast races on a track with some technical difficulties.


Leogang Qualies-493

All the riders were fired up- Laurie because of his ascending performance, Markus because of his status of the local hero and Danny simply because he wanted to strive off the bad luck from the previous races.

A lot of riders were struggling during the training days and we saw a lot of bad crashes, but luckily non of the MS Mondraker riders was effected by crashes or mechanicals. Unfortunately the organizers had to re-tape some sections and they also had to reshape the finish jump after a horrifying crash of Frenchmen Remi Thirion in his qualification run, just after Laurie has finished his qualification run in 7th place.

Leogang Qualies-337


Markus Pekoll had to do a re-run as he was just on track when Thirion crashed which cause a “race stop” situation. All further runs got postponed by 45min, which caused a lot of concerns in the rider’s field. In the end Markus finished in 25th and Danny in 9th position.

On race day Markus Pekoll was the first to come down of the MS Mondraker squad. He looked very confident and fast in the top part, but he had a blackout before the second wallride, missed his line and was not able to carry enough speed for the following section- Markus ended up in 41th position. Next to come was Danny- feeling a little up and coming performance he started with some hard pedal strokes out of the gate and unfortunately snapped his chain at the second stroke. Knowing that he still could end up in a good position and carry some points he fought hard and finished in 11th position- maybe not what he hoped for, but more than solid if circumstances are considered. Last to come down was Laurie, who’s form curve is rising at the moment. Laurie had a good but not flawless run. He lost some tens of a second in the highway section and finished 6th just 0,16 off the podium and 1,8 seconds off third.


Leogang Qualies-1025

For the overall worldcup this means Laurie kept his 9th spot, Markus lost some positions and is now 22nd and Danny made up some space from 53rd to 25th in the world cup overall.

Results of the weekend and the overall…


Now we have a week off before we travel to Innsbruck for the first ever Crankworx there- join us there or follow us on facebook and instagram.




Fort William- 2nd UCI worldcup stop 2017

Fort William- 2nd UCI worldcup stop 2017

Racing at it’s finest in the 2nd round of the 2017 UCI MTB worldcup in Fort William. The MS Mondraker team pointed out with some highlights, even the necessary ounce of luck was missing for a good team overall result.

Fort William is apart from Mont Sainte Anne THE classic track in mountain bike world cup downhill racing and this is the 15th worldcup edition on this infamous track. The track is very well know for its characteristics such as length, the woodless and hand build top section as well as the last section called the highway. The venue is also known for that it’s well attended and this year they had to stop ticket pre selling as they were already 15% over the previous year bookings.


Fort Bill Quals-853

The MS Racing program can’t really look back on many top results here in Fort William apart from Brook MacDonald’s 3rd place in 2011 and Emmeline Ragot’s victory in 2012. To keep the track attractive during all the years, the organizers always try to keep us entertained by changing parts of the track very year. The year one of the new sections caused a lot of controversial opinions and not all the riders weren’t happy about how this sector might change during the days.


Apart from this discussion the use or not use of 29” wheel bikes was the dominating topic in the pits. Quite a few teams were working on their version of 29” wheel fitting bikes and they got tested in Fort William in the British Downhill series race 3 weeks before the world cup. With a victory of Danny in the pocket we decided to insert the one bike we have got to keep up in the battle of material with one rider,. Laurie was testing in a different direction with a lock-out shock and Markus kept his current setup, which he felt confident on.

Fort Bill-105

While it was expected that the field will be dominated by a 29” wheeled Laurie shocked the competitors with a time of 4:42:318 1,6 seconds ahead of 2nd place and 2,1 seconds ahead of the first 29er.

Unfortunately after this promising time- which was the fastest of the weekend- things went different than we hoped for. Laurie crashed in his qualifications run, Markus had a puncture and had to repair the tire to be able to finish his qualifying run and Danny simply didn’t had the perfect run you need to finish the qualification in first position.

Fort Bill Quals II-59

The finals showed a similar picture: Markus the first to come down struggled in the top part and almost got kicked off the bike. Laurie was a little bit handicapped because of his crash on the day before. He managed to clear the very difficult and controversial wood section and a clean run flushed him into 9th place. Danny came into the wood section with one of the fastest split times, but crashed at the entry of the wood section and another time in the woods- luckless he ended up again in unsatisfying 59th place.

Fort Bill Quals-174


These results set us back to the 7th place in the team overall- we have to buck up now and strike back. Stay tuned for the 3rd round of the 2017 UCi world cup, which takes place in Leogang next weekend.


Results & rankings:


1st round of the 2017 UCi mountainbike worldcup Lourdes/ France

1st round of the 2017 UCi mountainbike worldcup Lourdes/ France


7 month since our best worldcup season in 13 years we spend the winter time with training and material testing to be ready for the 2017 worldcup season, which started with the race in Lourdes/ France- a venue which is more know for it’s religious tourism, than being a destination for downhill riding.


At that time of the season you have to expect everything from super hot to wintry conditions and this time we had the full range.

When we arrived it was super cold with snow at the start of the worldcup track. It dried up pretty quick and we had a few days in warm conditions with a bone-dry track.


The main question was not too much about the track conditions or the fitness level of the riders, but more about the upcoming innovation of using bigger wheels for downhill racing. While most of the teams are using 27,5” wheels since the 2013 one team came up with the bigger 29” wheels, which caused a lot of discussions on speculations, if this will provide a significant advantage in the race. We didn’t mind too much as our 2017 team bike was based on the 2016 winning bike and with the new components of Shimano and Fox the bike was ready to go:



Already in the timed training runs, it was clear that the riders on 29” wheels are fast and even Danny set the second best time of the day, we knew that the bigger wheel size will be a factor, which was fleshed out by the qualifying results. 3 riders with 29” wheel in the top 6 and 2 ahead of Danny who finished in 4th.

Laurie as well as Markus had good but not perfect qualification runs and so they finished within the reach in 18th and 21st place.


While we preparing for race day, the weather forecast turned into a nightmare. In the morning the weather was still okay, but the French police thought about shutting down the event because of wind forecasts around 120km/h. The organization kept running the show and pushed thru race after race. It seemed like the weather will stay constant and the men’s race got started as planned. While riders like Markus and Laurie came down it absolute fair conditions on a dry track the weather change badly into unsporting conditions. Heavy winds and rain effected the top qualifiers pretty bad. Danny and all the other top qualifiers form the day before haven’t been able to beat the times, which have been set in the dry and so the race ended with a more than unexpected podium and Danny in 76th place as apart from the unreal conditions he crashed in the last section.




Even with Laurie in 11th and Markus in 12th we left Lourdes pretty unhappy as the weather conditions and the bad result of Danny will effect the rest of his season. We don’t know yet if we will be able to go for our ambitious goal to fight with Danny for the UCi overall world cup title.


Next world cup stop is Fort William in about a month- stay tuned for more news about international non-world cup races in between- follow us on our instagram profile or our facebook page.





Leogang- 4th UCI worldcup stop 2016

Leogang- 4th UCI worldcup stop 2016

Like every year we came from Fort William to Leogang for the 4th round of the 2016 UCI world cup. With some top results in our pockets we were excited to race the next worldcup in Leogang/ Austria, which is one of our more preferred tracks: a home race with an awesome host in combination with a frequently changing track- what more can you ask for.

Leogang Prac-798

Danny couldn’t really look back to a lot of experience on this track as he missed it 2 times over the past years. For Markus was it the home track, which might have been a little advantage for him and Laurie was just looking forward to race. The weather conditions were contrary to what we had in Fort William, but not as bad as we saw on the forecasts. It started with rain for the track walk day, got sunny and warm for the first day practice and changed back to miserable for qualification day.

Leogang Prac-852

The organizers made some changes on the track, which caused some discussions, but ended with pleased riders as the track was as challenging as they are always asking for.

Danny showed again a solid and strong run in qualification, which took him into 4th. Markus played his cards close to the chest and got 26th and Laurie unfortunately crashed, but made it into the finals because of his protected status.

Leogang Prac-758

Markus went into the race with a lot of expectations, but also with a good confidence. He had some good lines up the sleeve, but risk a little too much in front of his home crowd and crashed. Even he knew he wouldn’t get into the top 20 he tried to make some points at least. A mechanical as well as a last minute course direction change by the UCI hold him back to do so- unhappy 82nd place.

Leogang Prac-387

Laurie was next to come down- he was on the hunt for the current leader and came with top splits thru the top section till he got stopped by the same moved pole as many other riders during this race. Even the same cause hold him back from a possible top 10, Laurie was happy with another top 20 result.

Again last to come down was Danny. Danny was in the direct duel with the current leader Troy Brosnan, who crossed the finish line with an advance of 4,5 seconds. Danny was off at split 1 and 2, was ahead at split 3 and lost 1,4 seconds till the finish- 4th place is maybe a little bit unlucky, but good enough to keep the 3rd sport in the world cup overall.

In total we had a good race with mixed feelings, but that’s racing right? Stay tuned for world cup #5 in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland.


Fort William- 3rd UCI worldcup stop 2016

Fort William- 3rd UCI worldcup stop 2016

Boom- another podium for Danny Hart and Laurie Greenland enters the top 10.

3rd round of the 2016 UCI MTB worldcup ended with a 3rd place of Danny Hart, a 8th place of Laurie Greenland and a 31st place of Markus Pekoll.

Wow what a thrilling weekend. We came back to Fort William after the British national series a few weeks back. We knew that this will be our race and we were prepared for a podium and maybe more. Danny took the win at the national round, which was promising considering the well-staffed starter field.

From the very first time practice Danny was dominating the course of Fort William and he left no doubt on that he is one of the aspirants on the top box of the podium. Also Markus and Laurie did well in their training session and new that with a solid run they will easily make into the top 20.

Fort Bill 16-247-2

As mentioned Danny dominated the time practice with 2 seconds ahead of the closest competitor. This was promising and so we hoped for the sensation- the eagerly awaited world cup win.

Danny crashed in his qualifying round, which didn’t affect him too much and Laurie (15th) and Markus (13th) shone with 2 top 15 results- so everything was again prepared for the race.

Fort Bill 16-780

Because of the current ranking Markus was the first to come down. Unfortunately Markus crashed and couldn’t make up enough time to finish in the top 20. Markus ended up in 31st place, but made up some positions in the overall ranking. In between Markus and Danny the future winner Greg Minaar set a best time, which was 5 seconds faster than Danny’s best time over the weekend- Danny tried hard, made up a second from his best training time, but crossed the finish line in 2nd and finished 3rd in the end. Last man to come down of the MS Mondraker team was Laurie and he crossed the finish line in 3rd position. Laurie shared the hotseat with Greg and Danny for a while till he got replaced by Greg Williamson- Laurie finished in 8th position.

Fort Bill 16 Finals 1025

The team finished 2nd overall this weekend and made up a spot in the overall team ranking. We are now 5th and working our way up in the ranking.

Now we are heading back to Austria to compete in our home race in Leogang. Stay tuned for more news…


final Worldcup webisode #7 Val di Sole

final Worldcup webisode #7 Val di Sole

this is the last webisode for 2015 of the final world cup round in Val do Sole Italy. Markus and Danny where the last remaining riders of the MS Mondraker squad… we saw a thrilling race with a lot of action, but we also saw a really sad movement with Emmeline Ragot retiring from her 13 year world cup career…

enjoy this last edit of Markus Zimmermann from level26.

Val di Sole- 7th and final round of the 2015 UCI world cup

Val di Sole- 7th and final round of the 2015 UCI world cup

Val di Sole- the grade finale of the 2015 UCI MTB Worldcup.


Even it’s hard to believe, the 2015 worldcup season is in the books and there is just one more race to attend, which is the world championships in Vallnord/ AND.

The last stop of the 2015 UCI MTB worldcup took place in Val Di Sole Italy. This venue was in the race calendar for several years and is now back after one-year brake. Val di Sole offers one of the most technical and hardest tracks on the circuit and Danny showed from the very beginning that he likes that kind of track.

Val Di Sole Practice-375

Fridays qualifying reflected the performances of the season- Brosnan, Gwin and Bruni in a package 3 seconds ahead of the field and the rest of the top 10 within 5 seconds. Danny finished his qualifying run in 6th place and Markus in 24th. Both riders had their moments on the track and weren’t happy with their line choices and their mistakes. There was room for improvement and we know that Markus is fast enough for the top ten and Danny could make a podium.

Since Emmeline was out after her crash in Mont Sainte Anne we were focusing on the men’s race and even Emmeline couldn’t race she came to Val di Sole to support her teammates. Markus already came with a big deficit into the first split as he crashed in top section. He went off the track, has to carry back his bike to the spot were he exit the course to complete the race. He crossed the finish line with a big gap and ended up in 73rd.

Val Di Sole Practice-784

In the men’s race the top spots where almost carved in stone: Brosnan, Gwin and Bruni qualified within 1,3 seconds and 3 seconds ahead of the field. We knew it will be hard to break into this package, but Danny was very committed this weekend and spend some time in his last trainings sessions to test some different lines. Danny came into the first split with almost 2 seconds ahead of the current leader Brook MacDonald and was still 1,6 seconds ahead at the second split. Unfortunately Danny crashed just before the last section and gamed away a save podium spot and maybe a top 3 result.  Danny finished 25th and was able to make up one spot in the overall ranking. Watch the replay of his run.



Apart from the racing we had another big moment in Val di Sole. Emmeline announced her retirement in the Red Bull pre live show and on the podium after the worldcup overall tribute: “I can’t keep breaking myself like this, it’s time to stop.”

Val Di Sole Finals-608-2

Here is the statement of Emmeline:

Today is a big day….

I think there is a time for everything, it has been 13 year that I’m racing and I now take the heavy decision to stop. It‘ s time for my retirement- I will not be racing in 2016.

I’m really happy to be part of the Downhill mountain bike family and I will keep amazing memories from over the year.

I was a great sport career with 60 world cup podiums and some amazing wins and great fun and for sure couple of good crashes, but it‘ s part of the game.

I would like to say a big thank to Rach for the great battle over the years.

I remember our first battle in 2004 at the European champ when we were junior J

Thanks to all the people and sponsors and family, friends that help me since the start.

I will not disappear completely. I’m looking to join a team for next year as a physio, so I can look after the riders at this time.


Read the complete story of Emmeline’s retirement on

Val Di Sole Finals-624-2

“Emmeline, it was always a pleasure to work with you. Together we went thru ups and downs and we will always have good memories with you. You retired like a pro, as you know, when it was time to stop. We wish you all the best for you further career and hopefully it will not take too long till we meet again!”


We had a tough worldcup season with a lot of injuries and lost points. Here our season in numbers:


+ 4 podiums in 4 races, 1 victory, 2 3rd places, national champ

– 5th overall (missing the last three races)- with her points average from the former 4 races a 2nd place would have been more than possible.


+ 4 top ten results in 6 races, 1 worldcup podium, national champ

– 7th overall (missing the worldcup in Leogang)


+ 2 top 15 results in 6 races

– 36th (with Lourdes and Fort William Markus was missing 2 worldcups)


+ 1 top 20 result in 3 worldcups

– 83rd (missed Lourdes, Lenzerheide, Monte Sainte Anne, Windham and Val di Sole)



– 4th overall- we missed 3rd place by 28 points.

– We had 17 of 28 possible race runs (4 riders, 7 races, total 28 race runs)


For sure the whole team is a little bit gutted, as we had a good start into the season. We hoped for more and the constellation with Danny, Emmeline, Markus and Innes was more than promising. For sure we could be proud about the fact that we as a private race team have been able to compete with the big factory programs, but we are here for racing. This is our passion and we will work hard to be prepared to fight back next season…


Windham- 6th round of the 2015 UCI world cup

Windham- 6th round of the 2015 UCI world cup

So here we are: Windham/ New York USA. Another race is in the books and we are not where we wanted to be, but lets start from the beginning.

Coming from a bad weekend in Mont Sainte Anne, we left Emmeline in the care of our good friend Melissa and a nurse, which came over for bringing Emmeline back to France. The team was now reduced by 50% since Innes was out after Lenzerheiden and now Emmeline, which is a big loss- not just regarding the team ranking, but also because we miss two good friends.

Coming to the 6th worldcup round of the 2015 UCI MTB worldcup in Windham we knew, that this is one of the tracks, which doesn’t suit Danny too much. The track is short, not too technical and really straight in most parts of the track, which does not benefit Danny, but maybe Markus, who is a different kind of rider, maybe less technical as Danny but super powerful and strong, which helps him to keep the speed on courses like this.

Markus showed from the very first training that he liked the track. He looked fast and he was confident with his material. Even the results of the timed training by whatever reason showed a different result we know he is fast, by checking the time with his helmet camera.

Windham Finals-212-2

The qualification went pretty good for Markus. With a 9th place he was back in the top 10 and he was catching up with the big names of the circuit. Danny was just 0,6 sec off Markus and got 12th and as comprehensible he was not happy with that result. Even he didn’t really know where he lost the time, he was ready to attack in the race on the following day.

Windham Finals-855

On Race day Danny had a good training and was ready to go for it in the race run. His run looked really fast and powerfull with some extra pedal strokes here and there. Danny did not look slower than most of the top competitors, but the split times told us a different story. Danny was just 1,298 seconds off at the first split from the current leader Vergier, 2,335 seconds off at the second split time and crossed the finish line with 2,665 off. It was really hard to see were he might have lost time as there were no major mistakes or wrong line choices- Danny finished in 14th place. Watch his final run here

Windham Practice-713

Markus was full of self-confidence after his 9th place in the qualification. He was ready to go for his first top ten result in 2015 and pedaled out of the start gate like there is no tomorrow till he hit the first rock with his left pedal. As you can see in the picture the pedal bent quiet a bit and Markus needed the whole following section to get clipped in again. He came into split one less the 1,7 seconds off the time of the current leader Loris Vergier and kept his speed till the rock garden. At the end of the rock garden Markus had a sustainable mistake, which cost some more speed for the following section out of the woods and he lost some time in consequence.

Windham Finals-1056

Markus crossed the finish line in 7th place just ahead of his teammate Danny and got 13th in the final results. Even Markus did another step in direction top 10 he wasn’t happy at all- considering he was just 0,12 seconds off the top ten and 2,245 off the podium it’s easy to understand why he felt that way. Watch his final run here.

Now we are heading back to Europe, for the last round of the 2015 UCI MTB worldcup in Val di Sole Italy and the world championships at the beginning of September in Vallnord/ Andorra- stay tuned.




P.S.: Emmeline had her surgeries. On the day after she came back from Canada she had her first surgery right after her arrival. Her elbow got foxed with a plate and a screw and looks fine now. 2 days later also her ankle got fixed with a plate and a screw. She is now on her way to recover. All the best from our site and we keep you informed about her status!




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