Val di Sole- 2017 world cup finals

That went thru quick- 2017 world cup season is over and ended with emotional moments for the MS Mondraker Team.

Val di Sole is and always was a season highlight since we are racing in this small Italian village in the Trentino region.

The track in Val di Sole is maybe the hardest and roughest track on the circuit, but loved by all the riders. They call it a real downhill track, a track for the best riders of the world and this is what they want to race on.



We came here with the best memories as Danny Hart won the world championships in 2016 and Laurie got 2nd with an incredible run in his first elite season. We haven’t had a really good season so far and we wanted to show once again that you always have to count with us.

The qualification didn’t went thru like planned. Danny was 5 seconds of the pace and finished in 8th position and Laurie crashed and ended in 14th position with a cruising ride to the finish. For Markus Pekoll it was the last world cup qualification run of his career and he was nervous to not qualify because of a crash or a mechanical, but he did and finished in 24th.

VDS Finals-1023

Markus went into last world cup race and had a good run without big mistakes. The crowed and the speaker celebrated him on his was down and afford him a worthy farewell. With tears in his eyes and a good 30th place he said goo by to the world cup family.

VDS Finals-2403

Laurie was next to come down and based on his 2016 success on this track we almost expected another top result and he didn’t disappointed us. He was again on a “flyer” and impressed with his incredible style. He crossed the finish line with comfortable lead and set into the hot seat. In the end he missed the podium by just 0.4 seconds and got 6th.

VDS Practice-600

Danny knew he had to risk to repeat his 2016 result. For sure he didn’t have the confidential as in 2016 where he won 3 race in a row before, but he knew that he can repeat the result if he takes the risk. Unfortunately this time this strategy didn’t pay off- Danny crashed in the top part and had to dig his hopes for another podium in the 2017 UCI MTB world cup.

Even our season was not as successful as in 2016 and even we had some bad luck, which badly affected the overall season result we are happy. We end up in 5th position in the world cup team ranking, Danny got 6th in the overall, Laurie 9th and Markus in 28th position in his last world cup season. For sure we know what we have to do to comeback stronger in 2018 and this is what we will work for in the offseason.


Now we are heading to down under for the last big race this season and maybe we have the chance to have again a big results- keep your fingers crossed!