Leogang- 3rd round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Leogang- 3rd round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Back to back racing- with just a few days in between and coming from more than 2000 km away, we race the 3rd round of the 2017 uci mtb worldcup this weekend in Leogang/ Austria. With the feedback of 2016 the organizer gave the track a small overhaul, which was again polarizing the riders field.

We looked forward to this race as we did not perform on the level we have been used to from 2016 and we were willing to step back up. Leogang is the perfect spot to do so as we always saw tight and fast races on a track with some technical difficulties.


Leogang Qualies-493

All the riders were fired up- Laurie because of his ascending performance, Markus because of his status of the local hero and Danny simply because he wanted to strive off the bad luck from the previous races.

A lot of riders were struggling during the training days and we saw a lot of bad crashes, but luckily non of the MS Mondraker riders was effected by crashes or mechanicals. Unfortunately the organizers had to re-tape some sections and they also had to reshape the finish jump after a horrifying crash of Frenchmen Remi Thirion in his qualification run, just after Laurie has finished his qualification run in 7th place.

Leogang Qualies-337


Markus Pekoll had to do a re-run as he was just on track when Thirion crashed which cause a “race stop” situation. All further runs got postponed by 45min, which caused a lot of concerns in the rider’s field. In the end Markus finished in 25th and Danny in 9th position.

On race day Markus Pekoll was the first to come down of the MS Mondraker squad. He looked very confident and fast in the top part, but he had a blackout before the second wallride, missed his line and was not able to carry enough speed for the following section- Markus ended up in 41th position. Next to come was Danny- feeling a little up and coming performance he started with some hard pedal strokes out of the gate and unfortunately snapped his chain at the second stroke. Knowing that he still could end up in a good position and carry some points he fought hard and finished in 11th position- maybe not what he hoped for, but more than solid if circumstances are considered. Last to come down was Laurie, who’s form curve is rising at the moment. Laurie had a good but not flawless run. He lost some tens of a second in the highway section and finished 6th just 0,16 off the podium and 1,8 seconds off third.


Leogang Qualies-1025

For the overall worldcup this means Laurie kept his 9th spot, Markus lost some positions and is now 22nd and Danny made up some space from 53rd to 25th in the world cup overall.

Results of the weekend and the overall…


Now we have a week off before we travel to Innsbruck for the first ever Crankworx there- join us there or follow us on facebook and instagram.




Leogang- 4th UCI worldcup stop 2016

Leogang- 4th UCI worldcup stop 2016

Like every year we came from Fort William to Leogang for the 4th round of the 2016 UCI world cup. With some top results in our pockets we were excited to race the next worldcup in Leogang/ Austria, which is one of our more preferred tracks: a home race with an awesome host in combination with a frequently changing track- what more can you ask for.

Leogang Prac-798

Danny couldn’t really look back to a lot of experience on this track as he missed it 2 times over the past years. For Markus was it the home track, which might have been a little advantage for him and Laurie was just looking forward to race. The weather conditions were contrary to what we had in Fort William, but not as bad as we saw on the forecasts. It started with rain for the track walk day, got sunny and warm for the first day practice and changed back to miserable for qualification day.

Leogang Prac-852

The organizers made some changes on the track, which caused some discussions, but ended with pleased riders as the track was as challenging as they are always asking for.

Danny showed again a solid and strong run in qualification, which took him into 4th. Markus played his cards close to the chest and got 26th and Laurie unfortunately crashed, but made it into the finals because of his protected status.

Leogang Prac-758

Markus went into the race with a lot of expectations, but also with a good confidence. He had some good lines up the sleeve, but risk a little too much in front of his home crowd and crashed. Even he knew he wouldn’t get into the top 20 he tried to make some points at least. A mechanical as well as a last minute course direction change by the UCI hold him back to do so- unhappy 82nd place.

Leogang Prac-387

Laurie was next to come down- he was on the hunt for the current leader and came with top splits thru the top section till he got stopped by the same moved pole as many other riders during this race. Even the same cause hold him back from a possible top 10, Laurie was happy with another top 20 result.

Again last to come down was Danny. Danny was in the direct duel with the current leader Troy Brosnan, who crossed the finish line with an advance of 4,5 seconds. Danny was off at split 1 and 2, was ahead at split 3 and lost 1,4 seconds till the finish- 4th place is maybe a little bit unlucky, but good enough to keep the 3rd sport in the world cup overall.

In total we had a good race with mixed feelings, but that’s racing right? Stay tuned for world cup #5 in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland.


3rd round of the 2015 UCI world cup

3rd round of the 2015 UCI world cup

Yes, here we are: 3rd round of the 2015 UCI MTB worldcup in Leogang/ Austria. Coming to Leogang feels like coming home to us and we are always full of hope and expectations. This time we knew that we would be handicapped as Danny suffered from a massive bruise after a crash in Leogang and Markus was strained after not getting qualified in Fort William because of a crash.

One of the first things we had to do in Leogang was another check of Danny in the hospital to balance the options. Even Danny was distorted and full of pain, he was willing to ride and we had to make sure that in case he won’t risk his health. Even Danny did the course walk and tried to ride his bike we had to throw in the towel to not risk too much.

Leogang 15 Prac-369

For sure having Danny not racing was a big lost, but we had three more aces up the sleeve. Emmeline came to Loegang to strike back after her 3rd place with an unlucky crash, Markus has some good Leogang memories and Innes was fully motivated with a 17th place in his pocket.
The conditions were the total opposite from Fort William: coming from 10 – 14 degrees and permanent rain to 30 degrees and more and sunshine does not just mean an enjoyable weather change, but also a lot of work as we had to change the bike setups quiet a bit.
Till the qualfication round nothing special has happen. It was business as usual with finding the right bike setup. With a 2nd place in qualification Emmeline showed again her expertness again, Innes got 67th after a crash in his trainings session and Markus completed his mission to qualify with a save but solid run.

Leogang 15 Prac 148

The positions of Markus and Innes maybe didn’t look too good, but with a thunderstorm forecast for Sunday 15:00 we saw our chances in good start times.
As usual Emmeline was the first to race. Emmeline came into the first split with the fastest time, but a little mistake in the rock garden throw her back. She ended up in third- with 0,135 off 2nd for sure not 100% satisfied, but happy about points and defending her second place in the worldcup overall.


With a top split time Innes was on a flyer and on the way to point out again, but after a wrong line choice he had to bury his hopes for another top result- he finished in 74th position.
Last to come down was Markus. With an early start time we hoped for better weather conditions, but the wind was already squally and it looked like it could start raining every minute. Not 100% in shape yet and without real race practice Markus’s priority was to get down a good result to improve his overall ranking. With a 20th place in the end Markus started his way up to come back in the overall.
Team wise we lost one position in the team ranking, but we are still in reach of first place and so we will strike back in the next round in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland. In the meantime we are going to race the European IXS cup round of Schladming/ Austria.


webisode 2

webisode 2

Even our recent race results haven’t been the best, we have a story to tell. This webisode covers round 3 and 4 of the 2014 UCI MTB world cup. Gianluca Ricceri did again a fabulous job on catching the scenery with all ups and downs and some good race action as well as Markus Pekoll’s loose moment in Leogang during his race run.


from Lukas Haider on Vimeo.

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4th world cup round Leogang

Leaving behind a not ideal weekend of Fort William, we head back to Central Europe for the 4th worldcup round in Leogang/ Austria. We arrived in good mute as an upcoming race is always a new chance and a race in Austria means a home race for the MS-RACING as well a home race for Markus Pekoll as he is sponsored by the Leogang Bikepark.

The organization in Leogang did again a good job in preparing the venue and they changed some of the parts on the track, which had been criticized in the past. With the changes in different sections the track became fast and challenging and the commentators did not fear the comparison with some of the famous parts of the well known Hahnenkamm Ski race- everything served for a thrilling race.

Damien came to Leogang and suffered again from his hand injury in 2013. Even he came well prepared and fit into the season the old injury still holds him back from showing his full potential. The rough track of Leogang was in some sections simply to hard for him and so he didn’t qualify first time since he is racing mountainbike worldcup. His disappointment about this fact was not to hide and so he headed back home to have another check with his doctors.

Being used to the short home trainings tracks, Andrew mentioned already in the training that it will be hard for him to qualify, which has not happened in the end. He missed the top 30 by 1,7 seconds, but even he had not qualified we strongly belief in his talent- it maybe will take another year or two, but we are sure he will work his way up.

So Markus Pekoll was our ace in the race and the men who kept the flag flying for the MS Mondraker team. Markus qualified in 15th position, which was very promising as he already entered the top 10 in Leogang in 2012s world champion ships.
In qualifying it already turned out that it will be a tight race and so it came. One corner with a little off camber section in the upper part was already one of the keys for a top time. Markus came into split time with the 4th best time, but a big mistake where he hardly could avoid a crash. This mistake buried his chances on a top result- Markus ended up in 26th position.


For sure the result of the weekend is not what we hoped for, but one thing we will not do is sticking our heads into the sand. We race because we are driven and we are there to succeed and this is what we will work for in the upcoming weeks.



mondraker bikes Marzocchi suspension Alpinestars SRAM Mavic e thirteen Schwalbe Renthal Formula SDG crankbrothers HTML Map