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Lenzerheide- 5th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Lenzerheide- 5th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

The MS Mondraker Team did a double podium with Danny Hart and Laurie Greenland with 3rd and 4th place in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland. This is the first Elite podium for youngster Laurie Greenland and the second podium in 2017 for double world champion Danny Hart.

Lenzerheide/ Switzerland hosted the 5th round of the 2017 UCI MTB world cup. We came here with good memories as in 2016 this was the place of Danny’s first ever world cup victory and we were super excited to race here again.

Lenzer Practice-640

As usual we had good and very warm weather in Lenzerheide. The track was very dusty which in combination with a hard track surface and rocks made the track very slippery. The track itself didn’t change a lot from the year before apart from a new finish jump and a few little things- in total the track was again a warrantor for tight and exciting racing.

We started into the week with some little issues concerning our setup, but with the help of the race support of our sponsors we get everything sorted. Danny crashed once on Friday where he ripped open his hand palm and Laurie crashed twice in practice, but without any injuries.

Lenzer Practice-460

Danny had a good qualification run, which took him into 6th place. Laurie went into his qualification run without the normal warm up procedure. He suffered from a crash in the morning and just wanted to cruise down the track as he was protected anyway. This cruising run put him into 13th place, which was pretty promising for the race. Markus Pekoll struggled in his qualification and had some mistakes in his run- he ended up in 36th position.

Lenzer Qualie-348

A thunderstorm during the nighttime packed the course a little bit. The track was still slippery, but not as in the days before. Markus Pekoll was the first rider of the MS Mondraker team. Already the first split time was a sign for that he wasn’t on a good run. There were no obvious big mistakes, but it wasn’t a good run in general and he crossed the finish line in 20th position and end up in 52nd.

Lenzer Qualie-830Laurie Greenland was next and he came down in his typical manner. He was on a wild run and he was the first who was able to undercut the 3 minute mark. Laurie jumped into the hotseat and even there were a few more riders to come it looked good for him to enter the top five. Last Man to come down was Danny. Like in Andorra on the weekend before Danny was again on a “flying” run. Not wild but very precise and fast he made it into the finish without big mistakes and finished 3rd in the end.

Lenzer Finals-1232


The double podium of Laurie and Danny put us into the 2nd place of the today’s team ranking and we made up 2 positions to rank 4 into the overall ranking.

Lenzer Finals-1847

We are super happy with this results and now we are going into a well-deserved 3 week world cup break and will be back in Mont Saint Anne/ Canada for the 6th round of the 2017 UCI MTB worldcup.

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Riders statements:

Markus: ”I am shocked. I thought I was on a good run. I was just 71st in the first split time and I have no explanation for this. I feel a bit tired after 6 weeks of racing and I am happy to have some time to refresh- hopefully I can come back for the last 3 races of the season.”

Laurie: “I can’t be more happy. First Elite podium… I am stoked! The week didn’t start too good for me as I was struggling a bit with my setup. I crashed twice in practice and I just cruised down in my qualification run. It seems like I am able to work my way up…”

Danny: “well… another podium result which is good. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to repeat my victory from 2016. I struggled a bit. It was slipper all week long and I crashed once, where I ripped open my hand palm- that’s far from being optimal… but it’s good to be back on the podium!


full results:

1st round of the 2015 UCI world cup

Spot on! Emmeline 1st, Danny 4th and best team of the day- we can’t ask for a better start into the season.


Coming into the 2015 season we had some big changes: Danny Hart joined the team, Emmeline came back, some sponsors changed and so on. We had a lot of work to do to get into the season and even the preparation didn’t stop until a week before the first worldcup we were prepared.


It’s the first time that we have been racing in Lourdes and so we had no experiences or knowledge we could come back to. After the course walk it was clear that this round would not be an easy one. The course designers made a good job and as typically for France the track was pretty natural in comparison to tracks like we know from Fort William or Leogang.

Markus Pekoll came from a perfect preparation during the offseason where he went to Chile to work on his settings with Marzocchi/ Pedro. He looked fast and all signs were that we could expect a top 10 result and maybe more. Unfortunately Markus crashed hard in his qualification run, broke 4 rips and squeezed his lung. After a check in the hospital it was clear that he would not be able to race.

Danny Hart came straight from a test session with Marzocchi in San Remo. The track suited him from the very beginning even he was struggling a bit with his wheel/ tire setup. Going thru some flat tires him and his mechanic Christian managed to find the right solution for his race run. Danny lost some seconds in the upper part, but had a real good time in the last half of the track- 4th place 0,4 seconds of third.



Emmeline also came directly from the test session in San Remo. She struggled a bit with the balance of her bike, but her mechanic Andy as well as Marzocchi technician Pedro managed to get her on an awesome setting for race day. After a 4th place in her qualification run Emmeline was in the position to attack and so she did. She had some little mistakes in the top section, but was then on a flyer thru the last half of the track- 1st place in her comeback race for the MS Mondraker Team and now overall leader in the womens worldcup- we can’t ask for more!


check out Emmelines’s winning run


Last but not least the team became “team of the day” based on the results of Emmeline and Danny. We are really happy about this victory as we have been far of this position in the last two years and this win shows that we were working to come back and that we are now in a good pace to accomplish more.



Thanks to all our sponsors for their trust, the help and dealing with last minute requests thru out the preparation time.

Stay tuned for the webisode of Lourdes (footage of Markus’s crash included!)




photo credits: Andreas Ehrensberger

photo credits header picture: Nathan Hughes

MERIBEL world cup report

MERIBEL world cup report

Coming back from the oversea races with some average results, Meribel was an important race for us. First of all it was the comeback race for Damien and Innes, but also to prove that we can do better than we show recently.

It’s the first time that Meribel host a UCI mountainbike worldcup and even the event circumstances could have been better Meribel offered something, which is the most important: a really good track. During the whole 2014 season riders were complaining about the tracks… too “bikeparky”, too much pedaling, too long, not long enough were the complaints we have heard frequently.

In Meribel we found what the riders were asking for the whole season: rough, fast and really challenging… after they found it, they had to deal with it, but instead of complaints we just saw happy faces.

fast open corners
The race weekend started with the qualification as usual and with 2 over motivated MS Mondraker junior rider. Both wanted to prove themselves, which ended in that the track took its toll and both crashed. Andrew couldn’t qualify because of his crash, but Innes managed to fight down and end up in 21st position.
Markus had a bigger mistake in the top part and cut his tire in the last 3rd of the track- thanks to the new procore system of Schwalbe, he managed to finish his run and ended up in 26th position.

Damien was on a mission. After not qualifying in Leogang and missing the over sea worldcup rounds he had to show his potential and so he did. Very focused throughout the trainings days he was prepared and brought down a solid run, which got him in 23rd position.
Race day started a bit average. Innes went into his final run full of expectations as he crashed in his qualifying run and he knew about his potential. He tried a little bit too hard and crashed at the same spot as Josh Bryceland on the day before. Innes ended up in 21st. this was for sure not what he had hoped for, but he showed his talent and pointed out with fastest split times.

The men’s elite race was forecasted to be very tight again. Damien started from a 23rd qualifying position, which was good base for an attack. He brought down a solid run after a long break because of his hand injury and finished 29th.
The sensation of the day was Markus Pekoll. The 26th spot of the qualifying was not what he was coming for to Meribel and so the task was pulling out an outstanding run. After being close to the top 10 two times, he had the run we all knew he could do and finished in 8th position.

Markus's minutes of success
This 8th place is his best ever worldcup result and is promising for the upcoming world championships in Hafjell/ Norway.

enjoy the picture gallery with pictures of our guest photographer Andreas Ehrensberger.

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5th and 6th world cup round- MSA and Windham

5th and 6th world cup round- MSA and Windham

After a not really successful season we were really looking forward to the oversea races in Mont Sainte Anne and Windham. We had good, but also really bad memories connected with both venues and especially Damien had an unfinished business with the track in Windham…

Retrospective Windham 2012: Emmeline crashed on the finish jump, Brook crashed in Rock garden and Damien came into split 1 with the fastest split time of the day and flated right after that.

…but then the shock: After the worldcup in Leogang Damien had another check with his doctors, who prognosticate another damage on his harmed wrist. The doctors commended to not send Damien to the oversea races to prevent him from a live long suffering.

So Markus Pekoll was the last man left of the already chipped MS Mondraker program. Markus had a “soso” season so far. He started good with a 14th and a 15th place in Pietermaritzburg and Cairns, had a little setback with a 22nd and a 26th place in Fort William and Leogang and came back with his national title. This upcoming result let us hope for more and for sure the motivation was there.

Mont Sainte Anne is a track Markus really likes- technical, long and rough, which separates the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately Markus had quiet few mistakes in his race run and ended up 22nd.

Disappointed but motivated for a strike back we went to Windham, with a track, which differs quiet a lot from the track on MSA. The track is short and fast with no room for mistakes at all. Close time gaps were forecasted and so it came. The track took its toll and so there were quiet a few prominent victims including Markus. He had some mistakes, which added up to a big time gap, which put him into 37th position.

Markus is still in 15th place overall, which is a standing we can be proud of, but which is not the maximum we could have caught.

Without any exaggeration we can call this season is a year of plague. Even we all try hard to compete on highest level and even all riders try their best to represent the colors of our program, we are missing that little piece of luck, which puts us on the wave of success.
Now we are heading back to Europe for the worldcup finals in Meribel and the world championships in Hafjell/ NOR. In Meribel we will be back with the full team linup and we hope for more luck there… stay tuned.

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3rd world cup round Fort William

Coming back to Fort William means coming back to one of the classic race on the world cup circuit. Everybody knows what to expect and so all riders prepare for this high-speed track.

For the MS Mondraker team it was a race with high expectations. We got the new painted version of the 2015 Summum frame and we were settled with suspension and all the other parts- everything seemed to be prepared and we were ready to race…

As usual for Fort William we were aware of quick weather changes, but this time we had to face a weather warning for a big storm. This changed the whole schedule for the qualification day: training started at 6:30 in the morning, and the qualification got accelerated. Not used to this situation Andrew Dorritt started with a close qualifier and finished in 29th place. Damien caught some squalls in the top section, didn’t find his rhythm and finished 64th. Markus managed to put a more than solid run together and finished in promising 11th position.


After a day with heavy winds and an accelerated schedule we came back to normal for race day. The weather was unconstant but good enough for a fair race.

Again Andrew was the first to come down in the junior race. He struggled a bit in his run, but managed to improve the result from the day before to a 21st end position.

Damien was hungry for the race. He felt like he failed in his qualification and he knew he can do better. Even he finished in 33rd place the result and the growing confidence after his hand injury in 2013 is promising.

Last rider Markus started into the race with really high expectations after the 11th place in the qualification round. He looked very solid in his race run, but he lost too much time in the middle sections and ended up in 22nd position-  his disappointment in the finish was obvious.

Now we are heading back to onshore and we are looking forward to race in Leogang on a more technical track to come back to a normal race pace- stay tuned and follow the race on redbull.com.




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