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Vallnord/ Andorra-  4th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

Vallnord/ Andorra- 4th round of the 2017 UCI world cup

The 4th round of the 2017 UCI world cup in Vallnord/ Andorra was a race with mixed feelings for us… while Markus and Laurie were unlucky and crashed in their race runs Danny was back on the world cup podium with a hell of a run…

Coming to the place of our biggest success in 2016 was exciting. In 2016 Danny won his 3rd race in a row and with both Markus and Laurie in the top 10 we were able to win the team overall world cup by 1 point.

Vallnord Practice-1342

All the riders love the track of Vallnord as it has a little bit of everything: technical parts, very fast sections and it has a lot of natural elements- this mixtures is what riders want to see and don’t complain about. The track is pretty steep in some sections and rough and for sure it separates the wheat from the chaff.
From the very beginning of the training sessions the MS Mondraker squad showed that the rest of the fiield has to count with them. Laurie’s showed up with top split times in the trainings, Markus looked very confident and fast and Danny set the first best time 0,3 ahead of future winner Troy Brosnan.

Vallnord Practice-1109

The qualification didn’t go as good as we expected after the performance on the first day. Markus and Laurie had some bad luck and crashed in their qualifications runs. Markus ended up in 51st position, but Laurie finished in 18th spot even he had a big spill. Danny needed a solid run to qualify- nothing crazy or pushing to hard as he had to see the finish to qualify for the race. He ended up in 6thposition and was able to collect some points for his overall ranking.
Markus and Laurie knew that they were missing some seconds to be in the very top and both were working hard with our line checker to find the one or other second.

Vallnord Practice-745

Markus was the first to come down and was about 2,5 seconds ahead of the current leader Johannes Fischbach till the second last corner before the finish, where Markus slipped out and crashed again. Being on a good run, with being 2,5 seconds ahead of the current leader could have taken him into the top 30. Unfortunately the crash cost him several places and so he end up in 49th place.

Next of the MS Mondraker squad was Laurie. He came into the first split with the overall 9th fastest split time, but also he slipped out and crashed before the second split time. Unfortunately this spill buried his hopes for another top ten result- Laurie finished in 43rd position.


Danny was the 6th last man to come down and immediately show up with top split times with being more than 6 seconds ahead of the current leader Mark Wallace. Danny was on a hell of a ride. He knew he had to push to be on the podium and he did- Danny ended up in 3rdposition.

The results of this race turned the positions in the overall ranking quite a bit. While Danny moved from 25th into 10th place, Laurie lost 2 positions and is now in 11th and Markus dropped into 31st position.

Vallnord Qual 425
The racing was tight and we saw a lot of crashes, but this made this race so special and exciting. It was a fair race without any lottery sections and we saw a hard earned winner!

Next stop is the 5th round of the 2017 UCI MTB world cup in Lenzerheide/ Switzerland upcoming week – join us there or follow us on instagram profile or our facebook page.

2nd round of the 2015 UCI world cup

2nd round of the 2015 UCI world cup

Wow, what a race. This or “we went thru ups and downs” maybe sound like set phrases, but this weekend was insane. While everywhere else in Europe people enjoy hot summer weather we faced rain, rain and more rain and temperatures around 10 degrees. For sure this is something we can deal with, but the weather becomes worse and worse. We ended up with squalls, which were that bad, that the organizers had to cancel the whole program for Saturday, which meant qualifying and racing on Sunday with limited training. These circumstances were not ideal as the track was really rough and had some new sections in it.

Even the weather got a little better for Sunday the weathercodnitions during the morning were everything else than ideal. Training started at 6:45 in the morning and the conditions affected of Saturday’s weather were bad. All members of the MS Mondraker team crashed in their only trainings run, but Danny hit it hardest. He crashed on his hip really bad with a big bruise as a result. Despite the pain he managed to finished 3rd in the qualification. Emmeline got 2nd in the qualification and Markus didn’t qualify because of a really unlucky crash series in the woods.

Ft Bill 15 Prac-817


The surprise of the day started with Innes who qualified 24th in his first year Elite. It was a rum start as he wasn’t able to race the first round in Lourdes because of a lack of UCI points.

First to come down in finals was Emmeline as second last in the women’s race. She crashed in the last muddy wood section and lost some valuable seconds by getting her bike back on track. She fought down to the finish as she is known for and got 3rd.



Innes was the first of the MS male squad to come down in finals and surprised again with a really good run. He ended up in 17th position, which got him into 47th worldcup overall standing.

Ft Bill 15 Prac-110


Between qualification and race Danny’s bruise swelled up pretty alarming. Martin (the masseur) taped him up so he was able to race, but we didn’t expect a top result, but he gritted his teeth and managed to come down in 8th position. Even he lost one position in the worldcup overall it was a surprise that he was able to finish in the top 10. After the race Danny had to see the doctor as he was bleeding thru the bandage and went to the hospital of Fort William. Danny is okay, but had to stay over night in the hospital.

With these individual results the team became 2nd in the today’s overall and we were able to defend the yellow numberplate of the leading team. We are now heading back to Austria to race the third round of the 2015 UCI MTB worldcup in Leogang- see you there.


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